Nani Mahal

Nani Mahal

The anime movement is upon us, and I have allotted myself a role as chief disciple and cult leader!

Today, my children, I wish to recruit you into the fold. In our glorious rise, we will be known as the western wing of the anime movement! ALLEGIANCE OR DEATH, BIG FIRE! Truly in the wake of the sci-fi and fantasy boom, there could be no more holy a union that that of fantasy/sci-fi and the trademark high appeal Japanese illustration style collectively known as ANIME.

Rise forth my west wing children! Rise forth and claim your place in the new generation of MOE tronic, mecha fantasy warriors. Together we shall reign supreme, bound by the undying love for anime. Let the fools who would deny us the power of this eastern gem fall to the wayside.

As one we shall build a glorious nation. One nation. The anime nation.


Thank you and good night,

Love Overlord Nani Mahal

Nani Mahal is an aspiring comic artist, illustrator and writer. Born in Hawaii 1986, she moved to New Zealand where she pursued her education in fine art and Japanese illustration. In 2011 she opened the doors to a small art studio, Studio Knockout, specialising in anime style for western audiences. Her works have been published through the New Zealand fantasy artist collection White Cloud Worlds, and the New Zealand Faction comic anthology.

In 2009 she began running a small course from wellington city library tutoring new artists in the anime style. This group eventually expanded into DrawFest NZ, a young nationwide group that promotes art as a community activity, with community leaders in Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington. The group also promotes young and first time artists to sell their works through the local pop culture convention Armageddon.

Her passion was inherited from the mid-90s anime boom, which she continues to watch and enjoy.

You can check out some of Nani’s work here: